A cinematic prodigy: Luso-American filmmaker Yuri Alves


    Exit Road_poster 2

    Like many Luso-Americans, Yuri Alves is one of Newark’s contemporary success stories. A self-taught prodigy (writer/director/producer) who’s directed over a dozen films and won just as many awards, Alves is an emerging savant in the world of cinema.

    Passionate about the silver screen, Alves claims that “cinema is an alternate reality, like a memory.” With purely artistic sensibilities, this Luso filmmaker “[craves] to do something that can be timeless, that the experience of watching my movies can be the same ten years from now. That what it touches on is something that we are forever exploring, because it touches your humanity.”

    With his new short film Exit Road premiering in Paris at ÉCU- the European Independent Film festival this spring, Alves’ genius and vision solidified his place in film history as the indie filmmaker-that-could and the man who stayed true to his roots along the way

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