A passion for wood, books, and colors exhibit



    Art@1275 Studio & Gallery (in Fairfield, NJ) recently announced a new exhibition of wood sculptures, wood carvings and paintings by prominent artists João S Martins, Fernando Silva and Ivone Martins  through September 4.  The wood sculptures capture a moment in time – a mother’s hands with lace work – a musician strumming  his guitar – and a book series – actual wood carvings so life -like people pick them up and expect to find a real book inside. Martins attends the American Wood Carving School in Wayne, and continues to explore the essence within blocks of wood. Often Martins has an idea in mind when he firsts selects a piece of wood – other times the wood calls to his heart.  Originally from Portugal he and his wife Ivone – herself a well known watercolor artist – have strong connections to the Portuguese Ferry Street community in the Ironbound section of Newark.

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