Congressional candidate Rob Menendez visits Ironbound for private meet-and-greet

Congressional candidate Rob Menendez was invited by co-host Ana Paula Rodrigues, Sara Pena, and Milagros Peralta to a private meet-in-greet at the Portuguese Sport Club. Over 55 voters from Essex and Hudson counties representing districts Menen-dez would serve if elected to the U.S. House of Representatives were present. The event included a voter registration station for those looking to register.

The evening started with a welcome introduction by co-host Rodrigues. She noted that the Portuguese Sport Club was over 100 years old, the oldest Portuguese club in America, and it has played host to other dignitaries throughout its history. Rodrigues pressed on the importance of actively participating in the democratic process. She also said, “Tonight, you are in the right place because you have a front-row seat to hear how candidate Rob Menendez plans to fight for you in Congress.”

Co-host Pena asked Menendez questions that the attendees submitted prior to the event. They included questions on immigration, taxes, and mental health (among others). Menendez said that after two and a half years, we needed to address the consequences of COVID on mental health and that we needed to ensure that everyone has access to the care they need. On immigration, Menendez recognized that the system is flawed and an economic issue in which we need a long-term solution citing that America will be better for it. He also expressed the need to offer the Dreamers a pathway to citizenship. Menendez acknowledged that the failure to do so is a stain on America. He recognized the need to fight for more tax cuts on the question of cutting taxes. Menendez highlighted how many families struggle even after working two jobs to make ends meet. And it was time to make life a little more affordable. He also noted that we must invest in affordable housing, so people looking for jobs can live closer to employment opportunities.

The evening ended with Menendez speaking with each attendee and taking photos. And a gentle reminder to vote on Tuesday, November 8th.