Dance group to perform at club in Kearny, May 22 – A.C.P

The “Rancho Folclórico Sonhos de Portugal”, from the Portuguese Cultural Association of Kearny, NJ, will present the 7th annual edition of the “Ranchos e Rusgas Festival” on May 22. The event will take place in the headquarters of the club, at 408 Schuyler Avenue.

The festival will have the participation of “Rancho Folclórico Sonhos de Portugal”, which is responsible for organizing the event, “Rancho Folclórico da Casa do Ribatejo” and “Rancho Folclórico do Clube Português de Hartford”, in the state of Connecticut.

The event will start at noon. The bass drum group “Os Rouxinóis”, from Casa do Minho in Newark, will open the festival. The raids will include elements of the following groups: “Dança na Eira”, “Beleza do Minho”, “Casa dos Arcos”, “Peasants of Minho”, “Casa do Minho”, “A Eira”, “Barcuense”, “Dreams of Portugal” and “Dances and Songs of Portugal”.

Entry is free. There will also be musical entertainment with DJ Luís Oliveira. There will be food and drink for sale: grilled chicken, steaks, grilled sardines, hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, soft drinks, beer, wines, etc.