Handicap Ordinance in Newark has been changed


On the subject about Ordinance amending of the Handicap Signs, on his Facebook page, recently East Ward Councilman Augusto Amador states the following:

“As we promised, the Handicap Ordinance was revisited by myself and Councilman Anibal Ramos (North Newark). The changes are as follows:

1) A new applicant or anyone who wants to renew an existing application will have to go through a medical inspection done by a physician employed by the city of Newark, Department of Health and Community Wellness;

2) The application will then be reviewed by the city of Council before final disposition.”

According to the Ordinance, “In addition, said application shall include a Physician’s Form prepared by a physician employed by the City of Newark, Department of Health and Community Wellness, duly licensed as a medical physician by the State of New Jersey, which shall include the name of the applicant, applicant’s medical history and status, etiology cause, and which Physician Form shall additionally certify that he/she has personally examined the applicant, has reviewed the information presented in the application relating to the applicant’s disability and has determined that the application can be granted.”

“This is required for the processing of the application, the physician’s examination of the applicant and the preparation of the Physician’s Form.  The Physician’s report shall be subject to and contingent upon the approval of the Municipal Council by way of a resolution.. All applications must be renewed on an annual basis.”

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