Ironbound Unbound #5 Open Doors 2014 at Prospect St. Firestation Arts and Cultural Center

Prospect Street Firehouse

On October 10 and October 11, at the Prospect Street Firestation Arts and Cultural Center, located at 56 Prospect Street in the Ironbound section of Newark, the Ironbound Unbound #5 will take place, with an arts exhibit and music performances.

On October 10, starting at 5 pm, the art exhibit will include the following artist:

Linda Jacobs, Lorin Roser and Nina Kuo, first prize winners Pulaski Skywan Competition, and Anker West, LKinda Gottesfeld, António Rendeiro, Lisa Cameron, Daniel A. Lembo, Marco Munoz, Fermin Mendoza, Robert DiMatteo, Franc Palaia, Harry Prott, Trix Rosen, John Bendel, Zenna Broomer, Kate Colabella.

On Saturday, October 11, starting at 8 pm, Words and Music will take place with Fátima Santos (vocals) and José Luís Iglésias (guitar) interpreting the Words of poets António Gedeão, José Afonso, Manuel Alegre, David Mourão-Ferreira, Alexandre O’Neill and João S Martins, and the Music of Adriano Correia de Oliveira, José Niza, José Luis Iglésias, Zeca Medeiros and Alain Oulman.

The venue is organized by Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts.