Isabel Medeiros Costa, Renato Lopes Batista, Lorczak’s and Ironbound Soccer Club honored at the City Council Chambers this past Wednesday

Councilman Michael J Silva recognized East Ward residents, business, and organizations this past Wednesday, May 17th, at a ceremony in the Newark City Council Chambers. Isabel Costa, Renato Baptista, Isabel Cardoso, Celestino Valente, and the Ironbound Soccer Club were recognized.

Lorczaks will close its doors after over 100 years of serving the community. We, as a community, are grateful for the memories and your support for our community and our ward. Celestino Valente first and Isabel Cardoso owned the business, a pillar supporting our community and our organizations.

Isabel Medeiros Costa has been one of the great pillars of our community. Through her social activism, she has provided valuable support to residents of our community to whom she devotes endless hours of his time to community activism in health, following Catholic and humanist principles of helping others. Throughout her life, Isabel Costa has received multiple honors, and the Newark City Council is proud to recognize Isabel Costa as a charismatic and determined person, proud of our community.

Renato Lopes Baptista is one of the great pillars of our community, neighborhood, and city. His community involvement has always supported values intrinsic to great leaders. He always knew how to defend positions and act within the Brazilian and Portuguese communities so that these communities were more robust and recognized for their qualities. At the same time, he has always known how to integrate himself into the dynamics of American culture, thus being a reference for his involvement and support. Over the years, he has always proudly known how to be American, Portuguese, and Brazilian with value, determination, and character worthy of those who will always be a landmark and a reference for all.

Ironbound Soccer Club, represented by Al Coutinho, reached another major milestone when it was selected to join the most iconic youth soccer league in the United States, MLS NEXT. The work and dedication of its leaders, directors, coaches, and other members in supporting our young people have been tireless. This milestone represents joy and responsibility. There are hundreds of young people who, through Ironbound Soccer Club, keep alive their dream of playing soccer.