Kiev announces the export of cereals will be able to occur again through the Black sea

Ukraine expects to be able to start exporting cereals again in the next few days. Cereal exports have been paused since the beginning of the war, in February.

Kiev aims to start exporting this coming week through the Black Sea.

However, Russia’s eagerness to attack the ships may be the bigger risk of this operation. Although both countries signed (separately) an agreement with Turkey, that would allow exports of 25  tons of cereals through the black sea, Russia decided to bomb the Ukrainian port of Odessa.

Liz Truss, already described this attack as “completely unwarranted” and added that “not a single word from Putin can be trusted”.

The British Minister of Foreign Affairs added that is very important to find another solution to get cereals out of Ukraine without involving Russia.

Kiev reported an attack on the essential exportation port of Odessa, only a day after Russia had signed the agreement.

However, Moscow denied any involvement in the attack and said that is investigating what happened.

The return of the export operations imply that some naval mine bombs installed in the Black sea by the Ukrainian forces are disarmed.

The naval convoy will only carry cereals and fertilizers.

Kiev announced that the port of Tchornomorsk is going to be the first to start exporting, and the ports of Odessa and Pivdenny are expected to actived in the next few weeks.