Lisbon Book Fair returns to Parque Eduardo VII with “biggest selection ever”

The 93rd edition of Lisbon Book Fair started on Thursday, at Parque Eduardo VII, with the “biggest selection ever”, despite being forced to “maintain the same space as last year”, due to the preparation of the World Youth Day.

One of the highlights of this year’s edition is the National Reading Plan (PNL), represented for the first time at the Lisbon Book Fair and with daily programming.

“We have opened a reading office for readers and non-readers, from 0 to 100. All members of the NLP team, including the commissioner and the deputy commissioner, will suggest books for different states of mind. Those who visit us in the fair’s west auditorium, between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm, on weekdays, will be entitled to a moment of dialogue, a poem to read and listen to and a leaflet with suggestions for fiction books, not fiction and children’s fiction”, revealed PNL, in a statement, this week.

This year, the Lisbon Book Fair will have 139 participants, more than 980 editorial seals and the same 340 pavilions as the 2022 edition.

For this edition, many more writers and more international authors than last year are expected, said the president of APEL, who has seen an increase in proactivity in writers, who say ‘I want to be’ at the fair” , instead of simply waiting for invitations.