Long Branch, NJ – Pop-up party busted

Police in Long Branch, NJ, say they busted up a pop-up party late Saturday night, after a 17-year-old pushed it on social media. Monmouth County sheriffs and officers from Middletown, Hazlet, Keyport, Holmdel, and Matawan responded to the scene Saturday night and broke up the crowd full of dozens of people. At least 15 summonses were issued.

Police say pop-up parties are synonymous with disorderly conduct, fighting, alcohol and property damage. Several towns along the Jersey Shore are working to crack down on the parties where two of the organizers have been caught and identified. The lawsuit seeks to force two of the organizers, Wavell Thompson of East Orange and Semya Gill of Vauxhall, to call off the events and stop creating a “public nuisance”. The latest invite was telling people to meet in Point Pleasant Beach on June 18 and in Long Branch on June 19, telling them to bring their own weed and booze.  It promised a twerking contest and boxing match as well.

Local towns don’t seem to be against planning or allowing events, but proper planning has to be in place to safely accommodate the higher volume of people. Sanitation, adequate police presence, EMS services, and enough restrooms need to be present and young people don’t think like that.  Permits must be obtained in advance to ensure all of the above.

This lawsuit is similar to the one filed by Long Branch against six people, including the two planners mentioned above, in connection with the May 21 pop-up party.