Newark: Businesses violating laws regarding signage, advertising, sidewalk usage, noise to be fined




The Ironbound Business Improvement District (IBID) has been notified by the city of Newark that a number of local businesses are violating laws regarding signage, advertising, sidewalk usage, noise, speakers and lighting. The city will give business owners a summons, take their merchandise away and/or suspend their business licenses, according to city officials
IBID offers the following guidelines to local businesses:

1)    All signage and advertisement put out on the sidewalk including, but not limited to, tent signs, signage, banners, merchandise are illegal and can be picked up and discharged by the city as trash.

2)    Lighting must meet city codes. Blinking lights, strobe lights, and excessive light shining on the street are illegal. Business owners can receive a summons for this, and are advised not to put anything on public property, street lights or utility poles.

3)    Noise, music and speakers are not permitted outside businesses.
4)    Blocking the sidewalk is not permitted. Safety and disability laws require a clear passage down the sidewalk. If business owners do not do this they can be subject to a summons or a lawsuit. This applies to sidewalk cafes.
According to IBID, the city has made it clear that it will enforce these laws and regulations.

For more information please call the IBID at (973) 491-9191.