POLL: Biden Approval Surges 9 Points in AP Survey Ahead of Midterms Amid Abortion

President Joe Biden‘s approval rating has surged nine points in an Associated Press poll amid months of bombshell developments that have shifted the political terrain going into the midterms.

The latest AP/NORC poll shows that Biden has jumped nine points since the last poll was taken — in  July. AP White House correspondent Josh Boak reported on the poll by noting it’s not all good news for the president:

Support for Biden recovered from a low of 36% in July to 45%, driven in large part by a rebound in support from Democrats just two months before the November midterm elections. During a few bleak summer months when gasoline prices peaked and lawmakers appeared deadlocked, the Democrats faced the possibility of blowout losses against Republicans.

The president’s approval rating remains underwater, with 53% of U.S. adults disapproving of him, and the economy continues to be a weakness for Biden. Just 38% approve of his economic leadership as the country faces stubbornly high inflation and Republicans try to make household finances the axis of the upcoming vote.

Political conditions have improved significantly for Democrats over the summer, perhaps most shockingly due to the Supreme Court decision effectively overturn Roe v. Wade in a 5-4 decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in late June.

Since then, gas prices — a major driver of inflation — have fallen sharply, the January 6 committee has put on a series of blockbuster hearings, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s investigation into January 6 has heated up, and Biden and the Democrats have notched a series of legislative wins.

And since early August, the news has been dominated by the FBI search of Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort home and its aftermath, as bombshell after bombshell has emerged on an almost daily basis at times.

But while Biden’s stock has risen and Democrats have seized the lead in the generic congressional ballot, they’re facing an uphill climb against historic midterm losses for the party in power.