Portuguese journalist edits album “Louisville” about violence in last US presidential election

This month, Portuguese journalist Pedro Sousa Pereira edited the album “Louisville”, with photojournalist Mário Cruz and several Portuguese musicians, which is “a manifesto” about art in crime prevention, based on North American social reality.

“The ‘Louisville’ is in a field that can be called a manifesto, a pamphlet and a position taken, above all against racism and against gratuitous violence, against the possession of weapons in the hands of civilians”, explained the journalist in statements to Lusa News Agengy.

Labeled by Tradisom, “Louisville” consists of a vinyl with nine themes by Portuguese musicians, accompanied by texts and illustrations by Pedro Sousa Pereira and photographs by photojournalist Mário Cruz.

This is an artistic work that was born from the fact that Pedro Sousa Pereira and Mário Cruz were in 2020 following, for the Lusa Agency, the presidential elections in the United States, which gave victory to Joe Biden.

Over the course of a month, the two journalists reported in various cities on those elections, disputed between Repu-blican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, collecting testimonies from many civilians,  anonymous citizens, who helped to tell the political and social history of that country at that moment.

“Any journalist who does in-depth reporting, and with deeper characteristics, always wants to leave a mark or delve into that subject itself. And that’s what it’s all about. Journalism is one thing and ‘Louisville’ is something else”, he said.