President of FLAD Vasco Rato visits UMass Dartmouth


    Vasto Rato

    Professor Vasco Rato, appointed by the Prime Minister of Portugal in January 2014 to serve as President of Fundação Luso-Americana (FLAD), will visit UMass Dartmouth today, February 27. Rato will deliver a lecture at 5:30 pm in the Grand Reading Room of the Claire T. Carney Library at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The event is free and open to the public, and reservations are not required.

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    Prior to his current position, Vasco Rato was a Professor of Political Science and International Relations in the Universidade Lusíada in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a member of the Scientific Council of the Portuguese Institute of International Relations at Nova University Lisbon (IPRI). He is also a widely published scholar and media commentator in the areas of foreign policy, Transatlantic relations and European security.

    In addition, Vasco Rato has worked as an international development business consultant and was a Resident Research Scholar at the National Defense Institute in Portugal. Vasco Rato obtained a Ph.D in Government from Georgetown University, where he also served as a visiting Professor between 2007-2009. His thesis focused on the role of the military in Portuguese democracy.