Residents of Kearny suffer as a result of noxious odors from Keegan Landfill – protest April 27



Over the past year, the residents of Kearny, NJ have been suffering as a result of noxious hydrogen sulfide odors emanating from the Keegan Landfill, which is owned and operated by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA).  The rotten egg odor has become a regular occurrence, permeating through town on a daily basis and it is having a detrimental impact on the health and quality of life of its residents. “Many are complaining of headaches, nausea and there are raised worries about difficulty breathing due to the odors. Residents are unable to open their windows or to enjoy their properties, and children cannot play in their own backyards. It has become an unbearable situation.  The landfill poses a serious health concern as it is in very close proximity to residences, an elementary school and one of the most active recreational fields in town,” a source from the township of Kearny stated.

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