Togetherness In Newark – “Tree Planting Initiative” is promoting sustainability

An initiative aimed to create green space in New Jersey’s most underserved communities by way of planting trees is finding great success in Newark by letting residents get in on the action.

The New Jersey Tree Foundation, through its Renaissance Trees Program, planted 83 trees across several communities in the Garden State this year including Newark. Established in 2006 as a community-based reforestation effort in Newark, the program’s initial focus on bringing trees to Brick City has since expanded to several Northern and Central Jersey towns. Through tree planting, volunteerism and partnerships, the organization assists communities in improving their environment, promoting sustainability, and quality of life.

“This season, especially in Newark, was very community-based and really highlighted how our program works,” Renaissance Trees Program Director Crystal Wessel said. “Residents reach out to the NJ Tree Foundation to request trees for their neighborhood, and the [program] partners with resident volunteers to plan, plant and maintain trees-beautifying neighborhoods and improving the environment one block at a time.”

As more residents invest in more green space to beautify their neighborhoods, they are making their community more sustainable, too.