26 State Legislators call for more vaccination sites in Southeast Massachusetts

26 legislators have called for more vaccination sites in Southeastern Massachusetts.

The following legislators have signed onto a letter calling for the sites: Senators Michael D. Brady, Mark C. Montigny, Susan L. Moran, Rebecca L. Rausch, and Walter F. Timilty, and Representatives Antonio F. D. Cabral, Claire D. Cronin, Josh S. Cutler, David F. DeCoste, Angelo L. D’Emilia, Carol A. Doherty, Carole A. Fiola, Susan Williams Gifford, Patricia A. Haddad, Christopher Hendricks, Steven S. Howitt, Kathleen R. LaNatra, Norman J. Orrall, Adam J. Scanlon, Paul A. Schmid, III, Alan Silvia, William M. Straus, Alyson M. Sullivan, Timothy R. Whelan, and Steven G. Xiarhos.

The letter acknowledges that the Governor has opened a vaccination site at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, but expresses concern that such a site may not be accessible for all residents in Southeastern Massachusetts.

The letter discusses the challenges facing Southeastern Massachusetts residents, stating that “many of the individuals who live in that area lack access to accessible transportation, and there is little to no acceptable mass transit in the area.”

“I am appreciative of all the work the Governor and his team have done to distribute vaccines,” said Senator Pacheco. “However, a single vaccination site for the entirety of Southeastern Massachusetts simply isn’t enough. Given the geography and population of the Southeastern region, we need to have a plan that works for every region in the Southeast.”