Maro closes american tour in LA

Maro, the talented 27 year old portuguese singer-songwriter closes her first american tour.

This tour started in New York, at Mercury Lounge, on September 14, where she performed songs from her new album “Can you see me?”, but also some older songs.

Maro caught people’s attention in Portugal by winning Festival da Canção 2022 with her tune “Saudade, saudade”, which she took to EuroVision Festival.

Mercury Lounge is a tiny but cozy room, which allowed the audience some level of intimacy with the artist.

Maro, who played accoustic guitar and showed her beautiful voice was accompanied by other two talented musicians (drums and piano).

In the audience there was a big variety of nationalities.

There was a big presence of portuguese speakers that sang along every word.

Also, several american fans showed Maro great support.

After New York, shows followed in Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Maro has a special connection with the United States. She lived in Boston, where she graduated  from Berklee College of Music in 2017, and moved to Los Angeles in 2018 where she lived for a while.

While performing in New York, Maro announced that she would start recording a new album in December 2022.

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