Portugal Day 2015 celebration in Newark

Dia Portugal.Ferry Street

Portugal Day celebration will take place in Newark this weekend, with a varied program as follows:

Wednesday, June 10

Mass in the Newark Cathedral, at 7:00 pm.

Friday, June 12

On Stage #1: Music by Duo Pink and Blue at 6 pm; singers Monica Paula and Alexandra Marques will perform at 7 pm; folklore dancing by Raízes de Portugal, from South River, and Camponeses do Minho, from Newark; Rancho de Cantadores da Aldeia Nova de S. Bento, Alentejo, at 9:45 pm; Portuguese singer Bruna will be performing for the first time in the USA, at 10:30 pm.

On Stage #2: from 5-11 pm, 80s music with several DJs.

Saturday, June 13

Stage #1: DJs at 1 pm; performance by singer Pepita Cardinali at 4 pm; Os Rouxinóis from Casa do Minho at 5 pm; Erick Costa (the Portuguese Michael Jackson) at 6 pm; music by Origens Band at 7 pm; Group Brick City Riot at 8:30 pm’ and concert by Portuguese group Banda-Red.

State #2: Rancho Cantadores da Aldeia Nova de S. Bento, Alentejo, at 4 pm; band Troubleman at 5:00 pm; folklore festival with Os Pescadores de Newark, Casa do Ribatejo, Dança na Eira from Fundação Bernardino Coutinho, Barcuense, and Portugal de Norte a Sul, from Union; at 10 pm, singer Diana Mendes will perform.

Sunday, June 14

At 9 am, running races on Ferry Street, sponsored by Lar dos Leões; at 11 am Portuguese Defense Minister Aguiar Branco will award trophies to the winners at the Iberia Parking Lot; at 3 pm, Portugal Day Parade along Ferry Street.

Stage #1: Folklore festival at 6 pm with A Eira, from Newark, N.S. de Fátima, from Yonkers (NY), Sonhos de Portugal, from Kearny, and Casa dos Açores, from Newark. At 8:30 pm, performances by singer Bruna and band Banda-Red.

Stage #2: Sons de Cabo Verde with Lula Rodrigues at 6 pm; performance by Monica Paula at 7 pm; Os Tugas Grupo de Bombos do SCP at 8 pm; performance by fado singer Pedro Botas at 9 pm, and closing at 11 pm.

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