Union County Commissioner runs for re-election

Union County Commissioner Sérgio Granados returns on June 7 with his name on a ballot, he is running for office again for the Democratic Party.

Granados will appear in Line A and is the only Portuguese-descendant to run for a commissioner’s seat in this county. Polling stations will be open from 6 AM to 8 PM.

Elected in 2013, Sérgio Granados is now running for his 4th term and it should also be added that, in Union County, until May 17, you will still be able to register to vote in these primaries.

By mail, you can send your vote until election day, and you can also vote in advance and in person on June 3, 4 and 5.

“This year I have opposition in the primaries, even though there is a case going on in court regarding the validity of the signatures presented by my opponent”, said Sérgio Granados, in an interview with the LUSO-AMERICANO newspaper.

Granados is the Portuguese-descendant with the highest political office in this county in northern New Jersey.

Granados guarantees that he has the same motivation and desire to make a difference as when he ran for the first time. “We have to be with people and listen to their desires, in order to make changes that meet the electorate”, he underlines, “and, thus, work together for the common good.”

The candidate recognizes that there is now a “post-pandemic, economic recovery phase. If re-elected, I will seek to guarantee more services for our communities and channel state subsidies to help our residents face the difficulties imposed by COVID-19 and the business community, which, as is known, has also been greatly affected by the loss of income. and manpower.”

In the last elections, he obtained 17,076 votes in the primaries and 46,529 in the general elections.